Investment Philosophy

Our investment approach is based on buying value-priced stocks and holding them for long-term growth.

We work with clients individually to understand their financial situations and goals, and we manage investment portfolios consistent with our clients’ needs. While each client has a different risk profile, we advocate investments in companies with solid and consistent performance.


Our firm’s investment principles

Long-term stock holdings
We believe in picking stocks based on financial fundamentals such as price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio, and debt-to-equity ratio. Given that the stock is chosen for it’s strong fundamentals, we advocate holding the stock for continued returns, lower transaction costs, and deferred taxes. We advocate stock investment over other financial assets because of its superior long-term return.
Value stocks for financial safety net
We recommend all customers have holdings in value stocks to ensure a financial safety net for their future. These stocks are selected primarily for their strong financial position, steady earnings and dividends, and advantageous market price. Value stocks include energy companies, consumer staples, and industrial products.
High-tech stock investments for growth
For clients with a sufficient financial safety net and who are willing to take more risk for potentially higher growth, we invest in growth companies with sound financial position, innovative products, and strategies to support their growth. Growth stocks are largely concentrated in high-technology industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, telecommunications, and computer.
Individual portfolio allocation
We view each client as unique. Initially, we’ll work with you to understand your current financial holdings and future goals, and we’ll continue to work with you to make adjustments as your life changes. As with all of our clients, we’ll strive to maintain a long-term relationship with you.
Cost effective services
Our firm has a low expense structure, and we are able to provide cost effective services. Once our client’s investment become sufficient size to diversify their portfolio, we structure most of our customers’ funds with direct stock investment. With this approach, our clients are not paying fees for mutual funds and annuities.

Our fee structure is based on percent of assets under management and varies based on the size of the portfolio and the services provided. In contrast to a commission-based structure, this fee structure is consistent with our long-term holding philosophy. (A commission-based structure encourages brokerage houses to execute frequent trades, which increases costs for their clients.) Most of our clients have set up discretionary accounts, which means we have permission from the client to invest immediately when the market opportunities arise.